Getting the Help You Need (I Love You TOO Much to Leave You With This Mess – part 2)

Last week  after I took a good hard look at my messy closet and thought to myself,“I would sure hate the be the one who has to go through all this stuff and sort it out and give it away once I am dead and gone!”  Even though I knew it needed to be done I was not too keen on beginning the process. Then I remembered… I love you too much to leave you with this mess!  Oh yes!

Then a funny thing happened, my husband quite out of the blue suggested that we tackle my closet mess together.  He volunteered to pull everything off the floor and shelves and then after I organized it (by way of trash, donate and keep piles) he would put it all back in a nice and orderly fashion. This was an offer I just couldn’t refuse! (Deep sigh) I had to do it, especially after I gave you advice on cleaning up life messes as to not leave them to our loved ones.

Clean Closet WOW

It just took a little focus and a little effort and before I knew it it was done!  I just had to show you the difference.  It is great to know that with a little help we can organize our life and bless those we love!  Now my husband is so happy! And I can now come out of the closet and get in the closet and close the door!

Are you ready to get organized too?  I can’t loan you my husband but I can give you the encouragement and directions you need to get your life story organized and ready to share when you are not there.  Let’s do this together!




The Ultimate Gift

A Planning Resource for Those You Love Upon Your Death

By Rev. Cheryl A. Broome

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