I Love You Too Much to Leave You With This Mess!

“The funny thing about facing imminent death is that it really snaps everything else into perspective.”
James Patterson, The Angel Experiment

Sometimes I take a look at my closet and say to myself, “I would sure hate the be the one who has to go through all this stuff and sort it out and give it away once I am dead and gone!”  My closet is a mess, much to my husband’s chagrin.  When I really think about it, I know that it would be pretty mean to leave that mess for someone else to clean up.  Getting to work cleaning and organizing all this stuff  is not just for my own benefit.  Nope. I like it just as it is – mess and all.  I know where to find almost everything in there (except for the stuff that has not seen the light of day for 10 years at least!)  The point is that I am motivated to clean up and organize this mess BECAUSE of my love for my family.


We can use this same line of reasoning to deal with the eventuality of planning our very own funeral service.   We don’t put together our funeral plan because we need to do it for our self. That’s just silly! We do it because we love our family too much to leave them alone with the mess.  Look at it this way…At the time of  death assets, interests and property will be passed on to the person(s) we deem entitled to receive our stuff.  We can deal with it before we die and get started organizing and preparing – that’s our choice.  But once we die, someone will have to deal with our messes and that will happen with or without our permission.  And if we die without a written will or other binding declaration (called dying intestate) and we have not determined the disposition of property and/or who will settle the estate then a court of law will likely step in and do it for us.  This makes dealing with all our messes a very important activity considering all the implications.  

So how about it? Who is going to clean up your mess?  Are you ready to get started now? Contact me at:  makeslifebetter@ateam.com and we’ll get started right away!  Why? Because I love you too much to leave you alone with this mess!


The Ultimate Gift

A Planning Resource for Those You Love Upon Your Death

By Rev. Cheryl A. Broome

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