The Ulitmate Gift of love for your family and friends

I have put together “The Ultimate Gift” as a guidebook that will assist you in the loving act of planning your very own funeral or memorial service. No it is not about picking out a casket or a plot. This doesn’t just cover the details about what you will wear; jewelry or not, open or closed casket! This is not your everyday guide to funeral planning.  This promises to absolutely transform the painful chore that is usually left to your survivors to decide what to do for your funeral.  This will give your survivors a loving gift long after you have gone on to glory (or wherever it is you think you are going after you die.)  You can use this blog to find the guide or contact me to set up a how to seminar at your church, school, family reunion or for any group or gathering that would benefit (duh, that is just about everyone who is currently alive!)  Here you will learn about what happens when you die (to the earthly remains); determine what you want to do with your things and your body; and ultimately allow you to write and share your own life story.

I will give you everything you need to instruct your friends and family members about what you want to happen at your death and during your funeral as you make your wishes and desires known. It is my hearts desire to help make planning your funeral a natural and blessed gift for you and for your loved ones.  And in doing so you will also get to know yourself in deeper and more significant ways as you consider deeply what you  believe about life and death and life after death.

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