The Ultimate Gift
It’s YOUR Funeral
A Guide to Having the Send-Off YOU Choose
By Rev. Cheryl Broome

Our death can be marked in any way or form or manner we determined, BUT if we don’t decide someone else will decide for us.

Death is not a joking matter and it is rarely something people want to talk about. Discussion about funerals is not a very appealing topic. Americans love to have control but they seldom seem to take charge of their own funeral planning. Such important decisions are best if not left to the end of life, especially when we have opportunity to consider them right now.  I want to help you design your very own funeral/memorial  service by giving you hands on instructions and how-to suggestions for planning your very own funeral.

Planning your own funeral is the ultimate gift because is not only an act of unselfishness but also an amazing gift of love. Why? Basically because your funeral or memorial service is not for you but really functions as a tool to help your surviving loved ones, friends and family members to move on in healthy and positive ways. Funerals help the living to move from life before death to life after death as they begin the healing process. Funerals mark the significance of the deceased person’s life and they can help survivors to find meaning and purpose as they continue to live. If we plan our very own funeral service then the service can be a way to express our inner feelings of the meaning of our life and our death. There is no doubt about it, funerals can bring together people you love and cherish in a safe place that can provide support and healing. We can give a forum for the sharing of memories and stories to remember. Funerals and or memorial services truly help our loved ones begin to face their new reality of life without us.


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